Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for Website and Application Form

  1. Preamble

    1. Welcome to the Dana Gury website (hereinafter: “the Website” and/or “the Operator”).

    2. The Website is commercial, intended to provide representation services for actors (hereinafter: “Users”) and connect them with film, television, and advertisement productions abroad, at the sole discretion of the Website/ Operator.

    3. Although for convenience’s sake the provisions of these Terms of Use are worded in the singular masculine form, they relate equally to both genders, as well as to other corporations and bodies.

    4. As a rule, this website is intended for mature web surfers only (over age 18). If you are below the age of 18 years, you are authorized to use the Website only after having received the written authorization of your legal guardian (parents or other legal guardian). In using the Website, you are declaring that you possess written authorization and that you undertake to hold on to this authorization for at least 7 years of termination of use of the Website.

    5. Use of the Website and the content displayed thereon is subject to the Terms of Use specified hereinafter. Please read these terms closely and carefully. Although you are not required to agree to these Terms of Use, if you don’t – you must log out of the Website and may not use it in any way. Your commencement of use of the Website and its content constitutes your agreement and consent to everything stipulated in these Terms of Use.

    6. The details of your Application Form will be visible to the Website Operator (but not the community of surfers) and she may use them in accordance with these regulations.

  2. Application Form

    1. The content you enter in your Application Form is rendered of your own volition with the goal of gaining exposure to opportunities to join international productions.

    2. You declare that the information you entered in the Application Form is correct and current, and you bear sole liability for any representation formed vis a vis a third party as a result of these details.

    3. Your Application Form shall be submitted to the Website system only once you have filled out all the fields indicated as required.

    4. An actor’s submission of the Application Form does not constitute authorization for him to enter the database, and does not obligate the Website and the Operator to offer his services to productions as said and/or enter the details of his Application Form into a database of any sort. You waive in advance any complaint and/or claim and/or lawsuit in this connection against the Website’s Operator, managers, employees, and anyone on its behalf.   

    5. Our applications to productions abroad and our recommendation of you for various positions shall be at the sole discretion of the Operator, and you shall have no claims in this regard.

    6. Should you see fit, the Operator will act as your representative, proposing your services to productions abroad. It is hereby clarified that your submission of the Form does not create a legal relationship between you and the Operator.  

    7. After filling out all the details in the Application Form and submitting it to the Operator, you will receive notification that the Form was submitted successfully and that should the system deem you suitable, you will be contacted as per the contact details you entered.

    8. In the event that you are deemed suitable and your application is accepted into the system, you hereby authorize the Operator to recommend your acting services for roles abroad without restriction, as per the details you entered in your Application Form.

    9. Should a suitable position be found for you abroad and/or should you be invited for an audition, an exclusive, individual work contract will be signed between you and the Operator, under which the Operator shall be your exclusive representative with regard to this production. It is hereby clarified that this in no way obligates the Operator and/or anyone on her behalf to find you a position.

    10. Should you wish to be removed from the Website database, please send the system a detailed email regarding this. Only the system’s explicit written confirmation of your removal shall be deemed confirmation of such. If you do not receive such confirmation, please deem your request as still stored in the database.

In the event that a User who asked to be removed from the Website is invited to an audition as a result of employment procurement attempts made while he was still a member of the Website – up to a week after his request for removal from the database – and he still wishes attend the audition, this User will remain subject to the provisions of these regulations and bound thereby.

    1. The database is discreet and your details will be visible to the Operator and/or anyone on its behalf.

    2. You hereby undertake to ensure that the details included in this Application Form are correct, and that the content thereof is not in violation of any law or agreement, including third party rights of any kind, and you bear sole liability for this. Among other things, any person who submits an Application Form is required to ensure that the content thereof does not include trademarks, pictures, logos or content which constitute the intellectual property of any third party.    

  1. Intellectual property

    1. All the copyrights and intellectual property rights, including any software, is the property of the Operator and/or her content providers and/or business partners, as relevant. In any event, no part of the content of the Website or the software included therein may be copied, distributed, publicly displayed, or transferred to any third party without the advance written permission of the Operator.

    2. The Operator does not wish to receive from you any content or information which is confidential or protected by any rights. Therefore, any content or information with which you provide the Operator through the Website or any other means shall be treated as non-confidential. Please be aware that in submitting your Application Form, you are conferring the Operator the right to present this data to productions without restriction. This means that you are not entitled, and shall not be entitled in the future, to any payment for the content with which you provide the Operator.

  2. Use of the personal information in the Application Form (“the Information”)

    1. The Operator shall be entitled to store and sort the information in any way she sees fit.

    2. The Operator shall be entitled to present the information to film, television and advertisement production companies abroad without restriction, and the User provides his express consent to this.

    3. The Operator shall be entitled to completely delete from its database information and/or sensitive information regarding a User for any reason, without notifying the User of this.

    4. In submitting the Application Form, you are requesting of the Operator and authorizing her to send you her newsletter, updates, various publications etc. You may request to no longer receive content as said at any time, and we will stop sending these to you as soon as you receive confirmation that your request was received.

  3. Changes in the Website and these Terms of Use

    1. The Operator may close the Website and change, from time to time, its structure, appearance, and the availability of the services it offers, without prior notice. Consequently, you shall have no complaint, law suit or claim against the Operator in connection with this.

    2. The Operator reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time it sees fit at its own exclusive discretion. Please reread these Terms of Use from time to time.

  4. The Operator’s limited liability

    1. The Operator shall not bear any liability for the content you enter, and conducts no examination or verification of the content. A third party’s reliance on the veracity of the content is the liability of the User only. Among other things, the Operator shall not bear any liability for any error, misleading information, omission or inaccuracy in the content.

    2. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, the Operator shall not bear liability for direct or indirect damage caused to any User which arises from the use of this website.

    3. The User shall bear absolute liability for damages caused to any production as a result of its reliance on information entered by the User in his Application Form which proved false.

    4. The Operator does not undertake that the service provided on the Website will be unbroken and provided regularly without interruption and disruption and/or that it is impervious to the possibility of the Operator’s computers being illegally accessed, and/or damages, breakdowns, failures, malfunctions in hardware, software or the communication lines of the Operator or any of its suppliers; or that it will not be compromised on account of some other cause; and in any such event, the Operator shall not be liable for any resultant damage, direct or indirect, distress etc. caused to you or your property.

  5. Data protection

    1. The Operator is implementing systems and procedures for data protection on the Website. Although these systems and procedures reduce the risk of non-authorized infiltration of the Operator’s computers, they are not absolutely secure. The Operator therefore does not undertake that the services and information on the Website and the Operator’s servers (or servers of the third party hosting them) are absolutely impervious to non-authorized access to the information stored therein.

  6. General

    1. The Operator is entitled, at its discretion, for any reason, to terminate the activity of any entity using the Website’s services, among other things, if he fails to satisfy any of these Terms of Use, including by blocking his IP address.

    2. The Operator is entitled to reveal the name and personal data of any User in the context of any legal proceedings, even in the event that no judicial order is issued instructing that this be done.

    3. You hereby undertake to indemnify the Operator, its employees, managers and/or office holders, or anyone acting on its behalf, for any damage, loss or expense caused to any of them, including attorney fees and legal expenses arising from a breach of these Terms of Use on your part and/or arising from a breach of any law and/or any third party right on your part.

    4. With regard to any matter pertaining to the use of the Website, please email us at:


    1. The provisions of these Terms of Use shall be governed by the provisions of Israeli law. Any dispute pertaining to these Terms of Use or the use of the Website shall be adjudicated at the authorized courts of Tel Aviv – Yaffo only.