About Dana Gury Overseas Casting

About Dana Gury Overseas Casting

We connect people.

We bridge the gap between actors and International productions for television, film, stage and Advertising.

We wish to provide casting needs in the most professional, qualitatively, and mutually productive way of working.

Collaborating in creation.

Today, we have infinitely more content creation. The entertainment industry has created more channels and built different platforms and is able to reach a wider range of audiences both internationally and locally. Productions are being filmed across the world. The industry is seeking new faces, different ethnicities, foreign languages and general diversity in actors to fill the demand.

We mediate between Mediterranean actors and casting agencies abroad.

The social composition of this region has many faces; mixed ethnicities from years of integration from Arab countries, Europe, the Americas, Russia and Africa.

With an acquired knowledge of the local acting community and an existing database of talented actors readily at our disposal, this database holds trained actors who each have versatile looks, languages and a Mediterranean flavor.

Our actors are held to the highest of standards, are well trained, experienced and professional.

Allow us to be part of your search
for the right face.

Overseas Casting was founded in 2015 by Dana Gury, Film Producer and Actor’s Manager. Dana was confronted with the actors’ limited local opportunities and their wish to be exposed to the global market on one hand and the growing demand of the industry for new unique faces on the other . This startup was the answer for both.